Summary Of Israel

summary of israel
Israel and Palestine?

Can anyone just give me a brief, simple summary but still a reasonable amount of info about the situation between Israel and Palestine in the last few weeks in particular? Who are the leaders, and what's the dispute over?

Thanks guys

The biggest news peace in the last few weeks was Al Jazeerah's publishing of leaked Palestinian Authority documents that show that the Palestinian Authority had secretly made major concessions to the Israelis, which most Palestinians would not approve. This included concessions on Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, Palestinian sovereignty, and collaboration with the Israeli army to assassinate Palestinian resistance members.

If you want to go beyond the last few weeks, I suggest you read my answer to this question for a simple, brief and factual history of the conflict:;_ylt=As_nmiFvykacDYIEXAVpvLvty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100421181051AAV1KaX

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